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SDGs Initiatives

4. Quality Education

  • By accepting international students of well-balanced nationalities regardless of their origins, we are working to create an environment in which students can use their Japanese language skills and develop an international mindset.
  • In order to maintain and improve quality education, we have established school corporation, implement self-evaluation, student surveys, teachers' training, etc.
  • We are working to enhance not only Japanese language education, but also other education and support systems to help students reach the next stage,such as going to higher education or finding employment.
  • We have established unique scholarship programs to provide study abroad opportunities for students with financial difficulties.
  • Through online group lessons, we provide high-quality education around the world.

5. Gender Equality

  • We have created a work environment where women can work comfortably and play an active role. We have a lot of female managers and female faculty members who was able to return to work after taking maternity or childbirth leave.

10. Reduced Inequalities

  • We have created a work environment where foreigners can play an active role, and a lot of our foreign employees are working in key positions.
  • We provide extensive employment support for international students so that they can find employment in suitable companies in Japan.
  • We provide many opportunities for interaction between international students of different nationalities and Japanese people, and strive to promote mutual understanding among diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

17. Partnerships for the Goals

  • We have established cooperative agreements with the Arakawa Ward Office and the police department for language volunteers in the event of a disaster, and are working towards "11. Creating a community where people can continue to live".
  • We have established scholarship programs in partnership with overseas non-profit organizations, vocational schools, human resource companies, etc., and are working on "4. Providing high-quality education for everyone".
  • We are collaborating with neighboring student organizations to work on "10. Reducing inequality within and among countries."



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