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Documents for Application

Student Visa Courses (General Course・University Prep Curriculum・Business Employment Class)

An example of documents to submit


 Application for admission (school format)
 Resume (school format)
 Certificate of graduation from the last school (diploma)
 Academic transcript from the last school
 Copy of applicant's family register (birth certificate)
 Copy of passport
 Photograph of applicant



 Guarantee (school format)
 Statement of financial support (school format)
 Certificate of bank balance (Preferably over 2,000,000 JPY)
 Income certificate

*Documents to submit vary by applicants' background.

  Please consult with us through our mail form about documents required for application.

*School format documents will be made from the input form (xls) information.

Documents to submit (School format)

Application Form (xls)
Resume (xls)
Letter of Guarantee (word)
Statement of Financial Support (word)

Other Courses (Short-term Course)

Documents to Submit

Application form for Short-term Course(xls) 

Data of face photo

      ※The data taken by smart-phones or digital cameras are acceptable

Copy of your passport
  ※If you have your residence card, please submit the copies of front and back sides of your residence card, and the copies of stamp pages of the departure and entry records of your passport.



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