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President’s Message

To all students considering studying abroad

Akamonkai Japanese Language School


Tokiyoshi Arai

Akamonkai Japanese Language School was established in July 1985 in front of the Akamon gate of the University of Tokyo.

At present, the school has 4 school buildings located in Tokyo's Nippori, several student dormitories near the campuses and is a traditional Japanese language school where around 1,800 students from 50 countries study regularly.

Akamonkai offers a "General Course," "University Preparatory Curriculum", "Business Employment Course", "Short-term Course" and "Special Short Programs". A specialist instructor is assigned to each course, and the curriculum is designed to most efficiently and effectively achieve the goals of each course, without excessive focus on and adherence to existing curriculums.

In addition, in recent years in particular Akamonkai has designed its curriculum and operated its courses based on new curriculum in newly created "special advances classes" and "business employment classes" to suit the needs of international students, providing all around support from entrance to the school through to graduation. These efforts have earned praise and we have been hailed as a Japanese language school that excels at total balance. At Akamonkai all our outstanding staff provide the fullest support possible to allow all enrolled students to achieve their goals with an aim to fostering human resources who can act and be successful globally.



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