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3-Week Course


This course is for who can arrange your own visa, and for who are from the visa exemption countries of Japan. You can study at Japanese language classes, but at the same time, but also can join in the extra-curricular activities including Conversation Club, Shodo Club, etc. to socialize with Japanese locals.


・High school students or up

・Highly motivated to study Japanese language

・Can arrange your own visa

 (Short-term, working holiday, dependent visa, etc.)

Japanese Level


※Your class will be decided based on our placement test.


Short term stay, Working holiday, Family stay, Spouse of Japanese National, Permanent Resident, etc.

Admission Period

Every month (Refer to the schedule below)

Course Duration

3 weeks (extendable)

Class Hours

Half-time system (morning or afternoon)

・Morning class 9:00~12:20(45mins×4periods), 5 days a week(Mon-Fri)

・Afternoon class 13:10~16:30(45mins×4periods)、5 days a week(Mon-Fri)

※Applicants can choose either morning or afternoon class. Only morning class for August.

Learning Contents

Japanese language classes based on your level

Extra-curricular Activities

・Club activities (every week) : 

 “Japanese Conversation Club” & “Calligraphy Club” where you can talk with Japanese locals

・Events (about once a month):School trips, Japanese culture experiences, interacting with 

  Japanese university students, etc.

※Not mandatory.
Application Deadline

About 2 weeks before the classes start

※Applications might be closed when it reaches capacity. 


・Tuition:\70,000 (\60,000 for July)

 ※textbook fees are included.

・Dorm fee:\85,000 (For applicants applying for the school dorms)

 - Includes transportation fee from dorm to school, utilities, 

  bedsheets, Wifi.

 - Single room is available.

    ※Dorms are located within 40mins from the school.




  • Single room dormitory available for all applicants!
  • Convenient location in the center of Tokyo!
  • Well-organized classes based on students’ Japanese level!
  • Extra-curricular activities to socialize with Japanese locals!


Schedule for April – September 2020
 Admission Class Period No. of School Days  Dorm Move-in Date  Dorm Move-out Day
Apr 7th - 24th Apr 14 days 6th Apr 25th Apr
May 12th - 29th May 14 days 11th May 30th May
Jun 2nd - 19th Jun 14 days 1st Jun 20th Jun
Jul 7th - 22nd Jul 12 days 6th Jul 25th Jul
Aug 4th - 21st Aug 14 days 3rd Aug 23rd Aug
Sept 1st – 18th Sept 14 days 31st Aug 19th Sept


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School Calendar