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Specified Skilled Worker Employment Program

Main Feature

  • Job acquisition under Specified Skilled Worker visa guaranteed!!
  • Guaranteed internship for the industry of your desire!!
    ※Under the condition of obeying the laws of Japan and the rules of Akamonkai.

Targeted Industry



  • Nursing Care
  • Food Service Industry

※Applicable industry will be added when ready.

Example affiliated company



Operating from the largest chained beef bowl restaurant "Sukiya" to "Nakau", "COCO'S", "Jolly-Pasta", "Big Boy", "HAMA-SUSHI", etc.The Zensho Group aims to become the world’s No. 1 company in the food industry, a position from which they can help eradicate hunger and poverty from the world.


Job and internship support offered only at Akamonkai.

Thorough job support from group company.

HUMAN POWER is a group company of Akamonkai, an employment agency specialized in global human resources. Taking full advantage of the expertise gained from past experience, HUMAN POWER provides the needed support for international student in Job-hunting, internship, etc.



Prominent and experienced in foreign employment, "AKAMONKAI"

Besides the support from HUMAN POWER, students of the Specified Skilled Worker Employment Class will also gain support from career counselors with national qualification.

※Resume correction and mock interview can only be done once. Moreover, Akamonkai is connected directly with more than 50 companies and is working closely with over 15 employment agencies. Not only over 200 new job positions are offered each year, but private offers from companies also go directly to students of Akamonkai as well.


A program designed for employment under the specified skilled worker visa.

Learn from comprehensive Japanese to specified skilled worker Japanese and business etiquette.

Part-time (Internship) at the expected employed company will begin roughly 4 months into the course.

※Regular part-time job support available before internship.


Eligible students

•Graduated from high school or above in home country.

•Above JLPT N4 or equivalent of the same level.

•Strong will in pursuing job through specified skilled worker visa regardless of the region.


Equivalent to N4


Student visa

Beginning Period

April, October

Course Duration

1 Year

Class Hours


・9:00~12:20 (45 mins X 4 classes), 5 days a week (Mon - Fri)


Specified skilled worker employment preparation class

Specified skilled worker exam preparation class


Course Content

•Comprehensive Japanese

•Specified skilled worker exam preparation class (optional)

•Internship at the company where you plan to work


Comprehensive Japanese

  • Hone the necessary communication skills for employment under the specified skilled worker visa while developing the 4 skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening in a well-balanced etiquette. Aim to acquire work-ready Japanese skills for employment.


Specified Skilled Worker Employment Preparation Class

  • Obtain fundamental understandings of the working culture and business etiquette of Japan. Develop communication skills and the basics of customer service through role playing workshop.


Specified Skilled Worker Exam Preparation Class (optional)

  • Class for the preparation of the Specified Skilled worker exam available free of charge. Repeated attendance of class possible for unlimited times.


Work Experience (Internship・paid)

  • Aim to acquire job in the field of specified skilled workers. Develop necessary skills through actual work practices at the expected employment company in the afternoon or on the weekends
    ※No refund of tuition even after completing course midway through.

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