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Support for Job Seekers

Features of our employment support system

Abundance of Employment Opportunities and Job-Related Information

There are more than 50 affiliated companies and over 15 recruitment companies that accept international students, and we receive more than 200 new cases of job openings from our partners each year. Additionally, we provide a great deal of information on career fairs and internships geared toward foreign nationals.


Personalized Employment Assistance by Professional Career Counselors

Students can have one-on-one interviews with nationally qualified career counselors for guidance on how to find employment as well as to receive assistance with resume corrections, mock interviews, and self-analysis.


Special Employment Programs (More than 90% of the students in these programs receive employment offers in Japan every year. )

Business Employment Class」 is targeted for various industries, and 「 Internship and Employment Support Class 」 is offered for those who wish to work in the service industry. This program offers lectures on comprehensive Japanese, business Japanese, business etiquette, and IT as well as special courses by external instructors. Moreover, we focus on consulting each student about their career plan by encouraging self-analysis and providing intensive one-on-one guidance by career counselors. We also hold alumni gatherings, post-employment follow-ups, and career change assistance as well as offer a curriculum and support system to help each student build their optimal career through a medium- to long-term approach.


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HUAWEI-ICT Employment Class 」、「Specified Skilled Worker Employment Class


Regular Employment Curriculum (For those who wish to look for a job at their own pace

Job Support Guidance

We regularly hold Job Support Guidance. Registrants will receive up-to-date information on job openings and employment seminars that are useful for job hunting.


Employment Training

Students may receive one-on-one guidance from nationally qualified career counselors at any time. However, they can have their resumes reviewed and hold a mock interview only once. Students who wish to receive more thorough assistance may be eligible to transfer into the Special Employment Program if they pass the internal screening process.

Messages from employed students

Job Offer Recipient from the General Course

Chou Tzu Yuan(Taiwan) Employed at an IT company

My ultimate goal in coming to Japan was to find employment. However, I didn't have enough Japanese skills, so I first decided to study at a Japanese language school.When I received a job offer from a company, my JLPT level was at N2. There were times when I couldn’t properly express myself in Japanese in interviews. However, I was improving my Japanese at a much faster pace after studying at Akamonkai, and I finally received a job offer. During job hunting, my employment support adviser gave me tips on writing resumes and choosing the right company for me. It helped my job hunting process tremendously. Last but not least, I pray that you will all be able to work for the company that is appropriately suited for you. I wish you the best of luck.

Job Offer Recipient from the Business Class

Li Jiaxin (China) Employed at a food company

When I was job hunting, my Business Class teacher was always there to check my resume. The interview exercises through role play were done once or twice a week outside of class. It helped me to become familiar with the tense atmosphere of the actual interviews and practice speaking techniques. Before receiving your job offer, you may often be rejected in the selection process. However, you may not be as disheartened if you acknowledge that rejection is a common occurrence for job hunting in Japan. You'll be more likely to pass the interview. Countless students went into the interviews perfectly prepared but still didn't pass the selection. That's why I think it's beneficial to take as many interviews as you possibly can, even if you aren't good at it.That's why I think it's beneficial to take as many interviews as you possibly can, even if you aren't good at it. Time goes by very quickly, and you don't need to have it perfect from the start. Rather than spending too much time preparing, put your skills into actual practice first!


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