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Internship & Job-support Program

Business Employment Course

Program Features

  • A program that allows students to gain paid work experience outside of the classroom, with the goal of finding employment in Japan.
  • Full support by our major human resources partner(HITO-Communications Inc.)for finding employment
  • Free of charge for students of Akamonkai Japanese Language School

Program Overview

In this program, students will learn Japanese while simultaneously acquiring business skills through paid internship, with the aim of finding employment in Japan.


During the internship, students will work at hotels and inns, airport services, duty-free counters, department stores, outlets, tourist information centers, etc., focusing on inbound business (sales and service operations), while making use of their language skills.


For finding employment, our partner group Hito Communications Co., Ltd., which is a major human resources service company, provides full support for acquiring the skills necessary for employment, such as preparing application documents, preparing for interviews, and acquisition of communication skills necessary for sales and service work.


Eligible students

Those who have JLPT N3 or equivalent Japanese proficiency.

Those who have the aptitude necessary for internship.

※Before entering Japan, we will conduct a document screening and an online interview.

 You may also apply even after enrolling in Akamonkai.

Level Around N3 level
Visa People with visa valid for over 6 months of stay.
Beginning Period

April, July, October, January

Program Duration

6 months - 1 year and 6 months

Class Hours

Morning or Afternoon of half-day system

【Morning】9:00~12:20(45mins x 4periods, Mon-Fri)

【Afternoon】13:10~16:30(45mins x 4periods, Mon-Fri)

Learning Content

Morning or Afternoon:Comprehensive Japanese
Morning or Afternoon + Weekend and Holiday:

Internship (up to 28 hours/week)

Job hunting support


Place of employment

 You can find employment in Japan using the pattern below in as early as 6 months.

Direct employment from place internship.

【Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/

  International Services Visa】

  Temporary/Contract/Full-time employee

【Specified Skilled Worker Visa】

   Full-time employee

Apply for other companies using the skills acquired at the place of internship.

【Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/

  International Services Visa】

  Temporary/Contract/Full-time employee

【Specified Skilled Worker Visa】

  Full-time employee

HITO-COM full-time employee (Field Expert Position)

【Specified Skilled Worker Visa】

  Full-time employee

※Depending on the evaluation of your attendance and work attitude during the internship, we may not be able to introduce you to a job. You may also find a job on your own while undergoing this program.


Students of Akamonkai Japanese Language School can participate in this program for free.

If you are applying before entering Japan, please refer to the General Course tuition fees.

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