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Terms and Conditions

This website is operated by Araigakuen (Akamonkai Japanese Language School) and its affiliates. Please be aware of the following policies and settings when browsing or using this website.

This website contains links to other websites that are operated by our group companies. We ask that before using those websites, you please read the terms and conditions of use for those websites and consent to the respective terms and conditions.

Copyright Policy

All contents on this website are protected by the copyrights, trademarks and other rights. Users may not reuse or duplicate the content of this website in whole or in part without the prior consent of Araigakuen, with the exception of private use or other use explicitly permitted by law.


  1. Links to this website are permitted without contacting Araigakuen in advance, though, please refrain from setting following links.
    • Websites which includes contents that slander or detract the credibility of this website.
    • Websites that include content that is or may be illegal, and websites related to activities that are or may be illegal.
    • Websites with frame links which obscure the fact that information is from this website.
  2. Araigakuen shall not bear any liability whatsoever regarding your use of information acquired from third party websites linked to from this website or from third party websites that link to this website. Furthermore, the placement in our website of any link to a third party site shall not be deemed to be an endorsement or recommendation of the use of that third party site, nor of the products, services, companies or other matters contained in that third party site.

Disclaimers of warranties

While Araigakuen is attentive in the creation and management of all information contained in the Website, it does not provide any guarantee whatsoever on the accuracy and completeness of such information. Araigakuen disclaims any liability for any problem, loss or damage arising in connection with any act committed based on any information contained in the Site.


Although the site may be subject to suspension or discontinuation of operation and change of content without prior notification, Araigakuen also disclaims any liability for any problem, loss or damage arising in connection with such suspension or discontinuation and change.



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