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Semi-regular Course・Short-term Course


Semi-regular Course・Short-term Course

Course Features

  • 【Semi-regular Course】For visa holders of Working holiday・Dependent・Spouse of Japanese national・Long-term resident・Permanent resident
  • 【Short-term Course】For temporary visitors
  • Curriculum and support given is the same as the General Course or Special Employment Program


If applicants can get a visa on their own, or if they come from a country that does not need a visa for a short term stay, they can take this course. Students in this course study and receive the same support with students in other student visa courses, such as the General Course. After they finish this course, they can change to other student visa courses if they wish.


Eligible Students

•Students who can obtain a visa on their own or can stay for a short term without a visa

•Students who are highly motivated to study Japanese language



*Class level students study at first is decided by our placement test


【Semi-regular Course】Working holiday・Dependent・Spouse of Japanese national・

                                    Long-term resident ・ Permanent resident, etc.

【Short-term Course】Short term stay, etc.

Beginning Period April, July, October & January
Course Duration 3 months (renewable)
Class Hours

Halftime system of morning or afternoon classes

・Morning Classes  9:00~12:20 (45min x 4 classes),  5 times a week (Mon - Fri)

・Afternoon Classes 13:10~16:30 (45min x 4 classes),  5 times a week (Mon - Fri)

Learning Content

Same as General Course or Special Employment Program.

For more details, please see the respective courses.

Application Period

Until around one week before the beginning day of enrollment month

*Application will be closed when it reaches the capacity


\195,000 / 3 months

(Fees for textbooks and enrollment are included.)



Please click here for curriculum details.

Support for Pursuing Higher Education and Job Seekers

Please check these pages for more details: Support for Pursuing Higher Education / Support for Job Seekers

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