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General Course

General Course


  In our general course, students study the Japanese language long-term on a student visa. Classes are carefully organized according to skill levels and learning speeds of students. In this course, teachers help students comprehensively expand their proficiency in Japanese, with a proper balance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Additionally, we take steps aimed at enabling students to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) with a high score. Along the way, students acquire Japanese language abilities useful in a variety of situations.
  For students aiming to advance to a university or a specialized school after graduation, we have abundant experience to send students to a lot of schools including top universities and graduate schools. With such experiences, class teachers and specialized staff provide advice for students to advance to higher education suitable to each student. In addition to Japanese language classes, students can attend classes for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) if they wish.
  Students aiming to obtain a job in Japan can have individual consulting on how to find a job, create resume, and have a job interview by specialized staff, and can have referrals to companies by our group company.

Eligible students

Students who have graduated from high school and received at least 12 years  of education or holds an equivalent qualification (proficiency test)

Those who are highly motivated to learn Japanese and Japanese culture

Those who are physically and mentally healthy and willing to attend classes diligently



*Class level students study at first is decided by our placement test

Visa Student (1 year 3 months)
Beginning Period April, July, October & January
Course Duration

For those who are willing to work or go back to home country afterwards

  April, July, October, or January intake: ~ 2 yrs


For those who are willing to go to higher education in Japan

  (Graduation is in March)

  April admission: 1 yr or 2 yrs

  July admission: 1 yr 9 mos.

  October admission: 1 yr 6 mos.  

  January admission: 1 yr 3 mos.

Class Hours

Halftime system of morning or afternoon classes

(Total time of Japanese classes per year is around 800 hours)

Morning Classes

 9:00~12:20 (45min x 4 classes),  5 times a week (Mon - Fri)

Afternoon Classes

 13:10~16:30 (45min x 4 classes),  5 times a week (Mon - Fri)

Learning Content Comprehensive Japanese
Preparation for the JLPT
Preparation for the EJU (optional)
Application Period

April admission:  mid-Aug - end of Oct

July admission: mid-Dec - End of Feb

October admission:  beginning of Mar - mid-May

January admission:  mid-June - end of Aug

※Application will be closed when it reaches the capacity



  • Corresponding to all learners
  • Carefully organized classes tailored to each student's level
  • Classes organized by study purposes and with well-balanced nationalities
  • Develop the 4 major skills in well-balance manner: reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Strategic preparation for JLPT and EJU
  • Coaching on moving onto higher education from class teacher and academic advisor
  • Coaching on job hunting from specialized staff


Please click here for curriculum details.

Support for Pursuing Higher Education and Job Seekers

We have full support system for all the students including pursuing higher education and seeking a job in Japan.


Please check these pages for more details: Support for Pursuing Higher Education / Support for Job Seekers


[Notice] In order to respond to the rapid rise in prices in Japan and to further improve our education and support system, we will be revising the tuition fees starting from the October 2024 admission.

[Details] Enrollment fee will be 65,000 yen and the tuition fee will be 720,000 yen (1 year)


Please click here for the tuition fee until July 2024 admission.


1st Year

Screening fee


Enrollment fee


Class fee


Facility fee




※The total tuition for the first 6 months is ¥465,000.

1 year 3 months

1st year tuition ¥845,000

Class fee

(for 3 months)


Facility fee

(for 3 months)

Total ¥1,035,000

1 year 6 months

1st year tuition ¥845,000

Class fee

(for 6 months)


Facility fee

(for 6 months)

Total ¥1,225,000


1 year 9 months

1st year tuition ¥845,000

Class fee

(for 9 months)


Facility fee

(for 9 months)

Total ¥1,415,000

2 years

1st year tuition ¥845,000

Class fee

(for 1 year)


Facility fee

(for 1 year)

Total ¥1,605,000


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