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Support for Daily Life


Daily and Administrative Support

Administrative and daily support by multilingual staff at all times

(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indonesian, etc.)

In case that students need daily living advice or get sick/injured, we have staff on call 24/7. We also properly manage visa renewals and enrollment registration.


Multilingual support for purchasing smartphone by our group company


 Discounts on commuter pass for student visa holders

Since Akamonkai is an educational institution, students visa holders are able to buy commuter pass with discounts (30-50%).


 Opening bank account supported soon after enrollment


Support for Part-time Job

 Attentive support for writing resume, mock interview, etc


 Part-time job introductions corresponding to Japanese proficiency level by our group company

Student visa holders are able to work part-time for up to 28 hours per week


Part-time Job Standards Based on Japanese Proficiency Level

JLPT Level Example of Part-time Jobs
N4 Cleaning, food processing, warehouse work, etc.
N3 Kitchen jobs at restaurants, stock jobs at supermarkets, etc.
N2 above Waiting jobs at restaurants, cashier at supermarket, etc.


Our group company, Human Power is human resource company specializing people from overseas.

>> Human Power

Messages from Students


Thanks to support in Mongolian, I was able to concentrate on classes as soon as I came to Japan. I was told that it would be difficult for students from countries where Chinese characters are not used to receive scholarships, but I was able to receive scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students. I highly recommend Akamonkai to those who wish to make friends from all over the world and acquire Japanese skills which is no less than anyone.


I received a lot of support from school staff such as opening a bank account, receiving my health insurance card, advising on my taxes, and applying for a mobile phone. I made a contract for my mobile phone through the school’s group company, Human Power. I forgot the PIN code for my mobile phone, so the school staff helped me call a mobile phone company. They are very reassuring staff members because I can ask them about any problems or issues in daily life.


School staff are very helpful, kind, and friendly, and provide a lot of information on anything I ask. When I applied for a part-time job, they helped me write a resume and explained about part-time job description. Thanks to them, I could start the part-time job just 3 months after I came to Japan.


When I had a sore throat for a month and was worried, they helped me make an appointment for a doctor and came and stayed with me while I was at the hospital. The person who has helped me understands not only English but also Spanish, so it was very helpful for me. When I had trouble with my eyes, they also provided the list of eye doctors so I could go see the doctor right away. They are very kind, reliable, and always ready to help students in need.



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