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Privacy Policy

Arai Gakuen Akamonkai Japanese Language School (hereinafter "Akamonkai") has formulated the following policy on the personal information it obtains and endeavors to protect said personal information.

Purpose of Use

To respond to inquiries

Provision to Third Parties

Except when prescribed by law, Akamonkai does not provide personal information it obtains to third parties without the consent of the personal information's owner.

Contracting of Personal Information Handling

Because Akamonkai contracts some of the work in its business operations externally in order to improve service, contractors may handle personal information. In these cases, Akamonkai selects contractors recognized as capable of properly handling personal information, negotiates contracts to include the necessary arrangements to prevent the disclosure of personal information through appropriate management and maintaining confidentiality of personal information, and manages contracting appropriately.

Voluntary Submission of Personal Information

Submitting personal information to Akamonkai is voluntary. Please understand, however, that our company may not be able to send responses or conduct services if personal information is not submitted.

Personal Information Release Requests

The owner of personal information retains the right to request notification of the purpose for using personal information, its release, corrections, additions, removals as well as the right to demand the revocation of Akamonkai's right to use or provide said personal information. Please contact the office below for further details.

Arai Gakuen Akamonkai Japanese Language School
Inquiries: Personal Information Inquiries Desk
6-39-12 Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0014
TEL 03-3806-6102



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