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About Our School

Establishment and Accomplishment

Educated more than 20,000 students from over 80 countries/ regions since 1985.

Organization (School Institution) Features

  • Accredited as a school institution since 2005, operated Main Campus and Nippori Campus of Akamonkai Japanese Language School as Arai Gakuen educational institution ever since.
  • Securing high educational quality specializing in educating international students as a public interest corporation
  • 30~50% off student commuter pass purchase possible (applicable to holders of student visa)

Numbers of students in school and class

  • With a total capacity of 2250 students, we offer a wide range of Japanese levels and support students of different learning purposes.
  • 10~20 students per class


Student's nationalities

As we constantly accept students from around 50 countries under a balanced ratio, students earn the opportunity to use more Japanese and to gain international vision in a globalized environment

*Nationality ratio: China 30%, Europe and America 19%, Hong Kong 11%, South Korea 11%, Vietnam 10%, Taiwan 10%, others 9% (as of April 2023).

Accreditation and certification

  • Accredited by the Immigration Bureau as an Excellent School.
  • Authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology for University Preparatory Curriculum.
  • Certified by the Ministry of Justice as a school meeting the notification criteria of Japanese language education.



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