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Administrative Procedures

Residence Card - Zairyu Card (在留カード) - For Student Visa students in Japan

Upon arriving to the airport immigration control and after providing your documents to the officer as the Certificate of Eligibility, Passport and Visa, you will be issued a new Resident Card. This card is provided to foreigners in Japan for a medium or long-term stay.


To get work permit, please also submit the Application for Work Permit (資格外活動許可申請書; APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO ENGAGE IN ACTIVITY OTHER THAN THAT PERMITTED UNDER THE STATUS OF RESIDENCE PREVIOUSLY GRANTED) to the immigration inspector at the airport.


You don’t need to carry your passport with you, but you must carry your residence card with you at all times while you are in Japan. If you are studying in Japan on a short-term visitor visa, you will not receive a residence card, so please carry your passport with you.


After receiving the residence card, and having a new address in Japan, students are required to register the address with the city or ward office that administers the area where the student lives. This procedure should be done within 14 days of arriving in Japan.

National Health Insurance in Japan

Every student is eligible and required to apply for the National Health Insurance as soon as they have a registered address in Japan. As an international student, you will benefit from the same health coverage as Japanese citizens, having access to one of the best health care systems in the world.


More information about the National Health Insurance here.

Extension of your period of stay

If you will continue studying in Japan beyond the period of time of your student visa, you must apply to extend your period of stay at the immigration office and receive permission to do so. You can apply to extend your period of stay from three months before the date of expiration.

Work while studying in Japan

Students in Japan holding a student visa are eligible to get a work permit for up to 28 Hours per week. In addition, during certain periods of the year, usually coinciding with the school holidays, the permit is extended to up to 40 Hours per week. In that case, students will receive a document that will have to be submitted to the company they are working for. It is very important to always consult with the school before exceeding the 28 Hours limit.


The permission to work will be valid as long as the student stays in the country with a valid student visa, enrolled and attending school. It can be granted at the moment of entering the country at the immigration check. So, it’s highly advised to submit the Application for Work Permit to the immigration inspector when you enter Japan. When this procedure is not followed, students will be required of making a demand upon the Tokyo immigration bureau and waiting as long as 1 month to get their work permit. To submit the application to the immigration office, the administrative staff of the school will guide students through the process.


If you work a part-time job without this permission, or if you exceed the limit on working hours, you will be guilty of engaging in activities not permitted within your status of residence, and you will not be able to continue studying in Japan.


More information about working while studying in Japan:

Opening a bank account in Japan

It is highly recommended to open a Bank Account since arriving to Japan. It will be necessary when you work a part-time job, renew your visa, or doing money transfers from and to student’s countries. When obtaining a scholarship, and in other various situations a bank account will also be required.


Akamonkai students will receive orientation during their first days of classes, to open a bank account in Japan. Foreigners in Japan on student visas who have been in the country for less than six months are not able to open accounts at typical city banks except the Japan Post Bank. However, Akamonkai students can open a bank account through the school.


* Please make sure to close your bank account with no balance when you return home.

* Under NO circumstances will you lend or allow a stranger to collect your Resident Card, insurance card, bankbook, or cash card. No matter the reason, you must not give anyone any of these items. There have been many cases of abuse by criminal organizations and it is possible you will be arrested as an accomplice in crime.

Buying a mobile phone in Japan

Having a phone number in Japan is required to fill any Job applications in Japan. In addition, having a phone number is very convenient when having to give personal information for every new service you acquire when moving to Japan.


It is always highly recommended for every student to have a phone number. However, depending on the time the student plans to stay in Japan there are different options available.


To help students solve the issue since their arrival, our group company, Human Power, assist students speaking Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Mongolia or English to acquire new mobile phones. Even if you cannot speak Japanese, you can buy a phone this way with peace of mind.

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Student discount commuter rail passes

Having a commuter rail pass is the best way to save money on daily transportation. The commuter pass gives access to unlimited travel between the closest station to your home and any of the near stations close to the school (Nippori, Nishi-Nippori or Mikawashima stations).


Because Akamonkai is an educational corporation, students at the school on student visas can benefit from student discount commuter rail passes without any problem.

* It is not allowed to lend or give someone your commuter rail passes.



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