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Insurance / Medical Care

About national health insurance

Students staying in Japan for more than three months are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance scheme. Upon registering, you will receive a National Health Insurance card. When receiving medical treatment at a hospital, your medical expenses will be reduced by 70% just by presenting your insurance card, so make sure to always have it with you.
Also, you will need your insurance card when applying for a change or renewal of residence status. Don't forget to bring your card with you for these situations as well.
In addition, your national insurance card is as important as your passport, residence card, and your alien registration card; please do not lose it, and make sure you keep it safe.


Your insurance only covers yourself. If you have brought your family with you, please enroll them as well.
If you move, please update your insurance card information along with the regular moving procedures.
National Insurance does not cover physical exams, cosmetic surgery, orthodontics, eye surgery (LASIK), normal births, traffic accidents, or workplace (including part-time jobs) injuries or illnesses.

If you are in poor health

Managing your health is extremely important while studying abroad. You should be prepared in case you get sick or suffer an injury by making sure you know the locations of any hospitals or medical institutions around the school and by your house. At Akamonkai, our resident course and lifestyle advisers can speak Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and English, so we can help you get any medical treatment you need at the school office.

Referral service of medical institutions where various foreign languages are spoken

Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information "Himawari" (English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish)


AMDA International Medical Information Center (English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish/Portuguese/Filipino)

Center Tokyo: TEL 03-5285-8088

Nighttime and weekend emergency medical service and medical institute information

If you do not know where to find a clinic that is open on the weekend or at night, they can help you with that. In an emergency, call 119 to send for an ambulance.

Emergency Telephone Consultation Center in the Tokyo Fire Department
land-line: 03-3212-2323 (Tokyo 23 wards) / 042-521-2323 (Tama area)
mobile: #7119



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