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Information on Part-Time Work

In order to perform part-time work, students with a "student" resident status must receive permission to "engage in activities other than that permitted under your status of residence" when they enter Japan.

Students are then permitted to work a maximum of 28 hours a week normally, and a maximum of 8 hours a day (within 40 hours a week) during long vacation periods (summer, winter, and spring vacation).
However, working in the adult entertainment and amusement business is strictly prohibited.


To start doing part-time, you need to get things below ready.

  • Open a bank account and get a mobile phone usable in Japan
  • Understand manner in Japan (e.g. Always show up on time)


The period to get a part-time job strongly depends on their communication skill and Japanese conversation skill.

In early cases, students find a part-time job within one month after coming to Japan,

however, even if students have JLPT N4 level of Japanese language skill,

there are situations that it takes half a year to obtain a part-time job.

You will find the main types of part-time jobs at each JLPT level below.

Japanese-Language Proficiency TestTypes of part-time jobs
N4 Cleaning, food factories, dish washing in a Japanese-style bar, warehouse work
N3 Working in the kitchen of a Japanese-style bar, shelf stacking in a supermarket
N2 & N1 Working in the hall of a Japanese-style bar or restaurant, cashier in a supermarket

At Akamonkai, our group company "Human Power" matches students to part-time jobs and provides support to gain jobs.



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