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Living Expenses

This is a simulation of your average student's monthly expenses.
This rough estimate will change depending on how much you personally spend and whether or not you have a part-time job, but according to the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)'s survey of foreign students' living expenses in 2015, foreign students in Tokyo spend about ¥80,000 per month (not including school expenses). Breakdown: rent is about ¥33,000 per month, food is about ¥27,000, other personal expenses are about ¥7,000, electricity, gas, and water is about ¥7,000, and entertainment is about ¥6,000.
Japan is somewhat expensive. You should have at least ¥100,000 available to you when you arrive.

  • "Rent"
  • "Food"
  • "Other personal expenses"
  • "Electricity, gas & water"
  • "Entertainment"

"Living expenses per month" \80,000

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