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Student Dorms

Akamonkai Japanese Language School owns and manages a considerable number of student dormitories. They are conveniently located near the campuses, the fees are low and the entry procedures are simple, allowing you to have a smooth start to live in Japan.

*You will be asked about your dormitory preference, but you may be assigned to a dormitory other than the one you have requested.

Special Features of the Dormitories

  • The rents are very reasonable due to own dormitories of Akamonkai
  • Located within walking distance or within a 15 minute bicycle ride to campus
  • All dormitories are within five minutes on foot from the closest train station
  • Because all dormitories come equipped with kitchen appliances, furniture and the Internet, there are no difficult applications to complete and no extra expenses, so you can start enjoying life in Japan right after you arrive
  • Newly opened "Minami Kouen Dormitory" is for women only and with all private rooms, so female students can feel safe and comfortable
* There are no mattress or blanket in the student dormitories, so please bring your own, or apply in advance to the school for a bedding set.

Detailed information for large dormitories

Akamonkai Japanese Language School, Higashiogu Dormitory

Five minutes on foot from the station

Within 15 minutes by bicycle to the school

Convenient for hassle free daily living, with a shopping arcade, hospital, supermarket, etc nearby.

Higashiogu Dorm

Higashiogu Dorm

Higashiogu Dorm

Akamonkai Japanese Language School, Nippori Dormitory

Close to three train stations

A three to four minute walk to the Main campus

A six or seven minute walk to the Nippori campus

Great location with a supermarket, hospital, and library nearby


Nippori Dorm

Nippori Dorm

Minami Kouen Dormitory (a women-only dormitory)

Five minutes on foot from the station

Within 10 minutes on foot to school

Because it's a dormitory for women only, with all private rooms, residents can feel safe and comfortable

>Minami Kouen Dorm<

Blatcher Daniel James United Kingdom

I'd rather live in the dorms, which have more space, since the rent is the same anyway. The dorms are also close to the station.

Akamonkai's dormitories are really spacious and they have kitchens too. When I came to Japan I looked around at apartments close to the school which were around the same rent as Akamonkai's dormitories, however I liked how spacious the dormitories were and their kitchens, and I decided to stay in the dorms instead. The neighborhood also has a supermarket, and is close to the station, making it very convenient. At first, sharing a room was a little stressful, but I have more friends now and every day is fun.

Blatcher Daniel James United Kingdom



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