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Business Employment Class


In this class, students will obtain study abroad visas, develop high level Japanese language skills, study business etiquette, and learn how to operate Microsoft Office software.

We capitalize on the strengths of our study abroad students, such as their language ability, international viewpoints, hungry spirit, and environmental adaptability. We assist them every step along the way in finding employment at Japanese companies.

Applicable students

Graduating from a four-year university outside Japan (regardless of major), and acquiring Japanese Language Proficient Test N2 certification or possessing equivalent Japanese language proficiency.

* After entering Japan, students will take a test for Japanese Language Proficiency. If Japanese language proficiency did not meet the required level, students can transfer to the Business Employment Class after studying Japanese language in a regular course.


Over N2 level

Visa Student
Beginning Period

April, October

Course Duration

6 months -1 year

Class Hours

Halftime system of morning only classes

 9:00 - 12:30 (45min x 4 classes),  5 times a week (Mon - Fri)

Learning Content

-Comprehensive Japanese
-Business Japanese

-Business IT


  • Teach business skills used in Japanese company right away
  • Courteous and thorough job hunting assistance (Over 90% of students receive employment offers every year )


Comprehensive Japanese Language


  1. Total improvement of the 4 skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking.
    *Focus is placed on output skills of writing and speaking in particular.
  2. Developing the capabilities to spot issues, resolve issues, negotiate, advocate and reform.
  3. Deepening understanding of Japanese companies.

Class Approach

  • Aim to acquire Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 and improve Japanese language skills.
  • Hone skills which will be useful in employment through self-analysis and interview practice.
  • Learn about Japanese society through the main textbook, Japanese situations and other sources.

Business Japanese


  1. Building a self-awareness of oneself as a business person.
  2. Acquiring basic business knowledge and required honorific usage abilities.
  3. Fostering the communication skills necessary for interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
  4. Mastering the basics of dealing with customers.

Class Approach

  • Use roleplay and other methods to recreate actual business situations.
  • Practice speaking and oratory skills through pair work and other methods.
  • Verify degree of goal achievement through interviews with teachers.

Business IT


  1. Acquiring basic usage skills in Japanese versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint Microsoft Office software.

Class Approach

  • <Microsoft Word>Mastery of creation of documents used internally and externally in Japanese business
  • <Microsoft Excel>Study of basic functionality to database manipulation
  • <Microsoft PowerPoint>Mastery of creation of presentation materials essential for business talks and important meetings with customers and other situations

Special Lectures

  • Employment Seminars by experts from outside of school (Once a week)
  • Visiting companies and lectures by alumni and companies
  • Job hunting support, suit seminar, visa administrative procedures, etc

Support System

Support by Professional Career Counselors

Students can have one-on-one guidance interviews from nationally qualified career counselors including resume corrections, mock interviews, and self-analysis.


Wealth of Job-Related Information

Providing a great deal of information on career fairs and internships.
Our group company also provide job information geared toward foreign nationals.


Hold a Alumni Reunion Party Regularly

Interact with alumni at the party and learn about reality of working in Japan



Employment results

35 students in 2015 got job offers!

Employment areas

Number of


Food and beverage industry 3
Manufacturer 7
IT / Games 5
Tourist industry 6
Music 3
Trading 5
Apparel 3
Bank 1
Others 2

73 students in 2011 - 2014 got job offers!

Employment areas

Number of


Manufacturer 11
IT / Games 11
Tourist industry 6
Consulting 4
Apparel 3
Others (Food and beverage industry, Distribution industry, Trading company, etc.) 28



From April 2020, we plan to raise the tuition fee due to tax increases as well as further improving the education service and support system (¥10,000 for enrollment fee and ¥20,000/year for class fee will be added to the prices below). We would appreciate your understanding.

1 year
Screening Fee \20,000
Enrollment Fee \58,000
Class Fee \710,000
Facility Fee \40,000
Special Class Support Fee \80,000
Total \908,000

*Textbook costs are included in the tuition.

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