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Messages from Alumni

From graduates who have moved on to universities

I loved being able to chat with the teachers. It's a great opportunity to learn real, colloquial Japanese.


When preparing for the university entrance exams, how the teachers were really kind and helpful with guidance on interviews, etc., was something that was really great about Akamonkai I think. If you are too embarrassed, then your Japanese won't improve, and you won't be able to enjoy your life in Japan. I want everyone to take full advantage of the opportunities at Akamonkai to improve their Japanese.

Keio University  Faculty of Business and Commerce
金 麗花 (JIN LI HUA)

It was very reassuring that we could talk with the teachers about anything.

Ravi Maharjan

I ended up going to the university I am at now because I was able to hear about a variety of different schools from people from those universities at Akamonkai. I wanted to go on to a higher learning institution, but didn't know what to do to achieve that goal, and being able to talk with the teachers at Akamonkai about anything and everything was very helpful and reassuring. It was very reassuring that we could talk with the teachers about anything.

Daito Bunka University  School of Foreign Languages
English linguistics (Doctor’s Program)
Ravi Maharjan

From graduates who have joined the workforce

I want to realize my dream of developing a supermarket business in my home country.

Maung Chit Ko Ko

I planned to use my research at graduate school to start a business in my home country, however I was hired as a full time employee by the supermarket where I worked part time, which made me start to think about expanding the business into my home country. The business conversation that I learned at Akamonkai has been really useful in dealing with customers.

Chiba University Graduate School Currently on temporary leave
Supermarket industry Sales management/translation/interpretation
Maung Chit Ko Ko

The interview roleplaying helped build my confidence.


In the business employment course, in every class, we would go over questions that were likely to be asked in employment interviews, exchange opinions and think about our own responses. This was really useful interview preparation.

General consulting business related to parking lots  Career track
李 喩珍 (LEE YUJIN)

I was surprised that I continued to receive support even after graduating from Akamonkai.

Nguyen Minh Tuan

Even after I graduated from Akamonkai Japanese Language School and studied information engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University, I was surprised that I still continued to receive work introductions and support on interviews and resume preparation. I was really thankful.

Electrical construction / Firefighting facility construction / Electrical communications construction  Engineering
Nguyen Minh Tuan



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