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Messages from Alumni

People who wish to further onto graduate school

I was able to broaden my horizons and experience many different cultures.

The biggest attraction of Akamonkai for me was that students from many countries gather. I was able to broaden my views and experience a lot of different cultures. Everyone, please interact with your classmates a lot at this international school. Not only in Japanese, but also English! These international experiences will be useful for future research at graduate school and in work!

Kyoto University, Graduate School of Economics

It was very reassuring that we could talk with the teachers about anything.

Ravi Maharjan

I ended up going to the university I am in now because I was able to hear introductions about various universities at Akamonkai. I wanted to go on to a higher learning institution, but didn't know what to do to achieve that goal, and being able to talk with the teachers at Akamonkai about anything and everything was very helpful and reassuring. It was very reassuring that we could talk with the teachers about anything.

Daito Bunka University  School of Foreign Languages
English linguistics (Doctor’s Program)
Ravi Maharjan

People who wish to further onto university

I loved being able to chat with the teachers. It's a great opportunity to learn real, colloquial Japanese.


When preparing for the university entrance exams, how the teachers were really kind and helpful with guidance on interviews, etc., was something that was really great about Akamonkai I think. If you are too embarrassed, then your Japanese won't improve, and you won't be able to enjoy your life in Japan. I want everyone to take full advantage of the opportunities at Akamonkai to improve their Japanese.

Keio University  Faculty of Business and Commerce

Though having quizzes everyday is pretty tough, I was able to improve very fast.

There are quizzes every day at Akamonkai, and it's hard but you can improve quickly. The teacher also taught me about Japanese life and culture, and answered questions well. Also, in preparation for going on to higher education, I was able to pass the exam safely because the teacher corrected my application documents carefully. In the future, I would like to work on environmental issues around the world and educational support for children. Make sure you have a firm goal in mind and be prepared to do what you need to achieve it.

Waseda University, International Liberal Studies

I feel fully-supported even without having family by my side.

I decided to study abroad in Japan because I wanted to know what kind of country Japan is, since it is producing products that are trusted by the world. When I studied at Akamonkai, the teachers were very kind and I could talk about anything such as Japanese study, going on to higher education, life, and so on, with confidence. I feel encouraged even though my family isn't close to me physically. I am truly grateful that I was able to realize my dream of going on to higher education in this rich environment.

Yokohama City University, Economics and Business Administration

Akamonkai helped me improved drastically in the areas I wasn't good at.

I have been planning to study in Japan ever since freshman year in university. With that in mind, I acquired N1 before making my way to Japan. However, I focused mainly on passing the test and wasn’t able practice my conversation skills when studying. Akamonkai has this “New-Intermediate level” class where it focuses on the conversation skills after the intermediate level. I was able to improve drastically though the “speaking” and “writing” practices conducted in the curriculum. Classroom is full of students aiming to improve conversation skills and everyone shows a lot of initiative in communicating with each other in Japanese. Classroom is always full of energy. With the help of the above, I was able to speak in fluent Japanese when taking my interview for grad school. I believe this plays a huge role in me passing the exam.

Department of Economics, Yokohama National University
Ding Rong Xu

A school I can rely on for my exam preparation.

I worked in China for a couple of years before coming to Japan. Economic major in Japan is considered top level even to the world standard. It is also considerably easier to enter for those choosing to start over in a new major. I chose the economic major because it would leave me with more possibilities in acquiring a job after I graduate. For someone who’s received offers from 2 universities, I struggled to start my thesis in my first year in Japan, after seeing new intakes started working on the preparation in my second year, it really encouraged me to start getting down with my thesis. I was surrounded by a lot of excellent students, I believe it is incredibly important to put yourself in a motivated environment. Our teacher has been really supportive helping me with my thesis and interview practice, coming up with questions I could never have thought of, and also helping me to express in a manner that the interviewer could more easily understand. Akamonkai is a school I can rely on for my exam preparation.

Faculty of Economics, Sophia University
Yin Chen

Learning language in a native environment is so much better compared to studying at my home country.

I find it better to learn a language in that language's native country than to study in my home country. It was great to be able to grow up away from a familiar environment where I could find out what I wanted to do in the future. It was good stimulus to be able to get access to various information about going on to higher education. I recommend you to study Japanese outside of school by watching TV, reading books, and talking to Japanese people as much as possible.

Tokyo Polytechnic University, Arts Studies

People who wish to further onto vocational school

Teachers at Akamonkai are all really friendly.

I am now studying photography at a vocational school. Teachers at Akamonkai are all really friendly. To all teachers, thank you so much for helping me along the way!

Adachi Education Group
Wen Ting Ling

Thanks to the help of the academic support at Akamonkai, I was able to face the school's interview without being nervous.

I entered vocational school in the goal of acquiring a job in Japan. If you’ve already decided what industry you’d like to work in, studying at a vocational school will allow you to get involved in the industry sooner than studying at a university. I am now learning from teachers who are active in the industry at my school. Thanks to the help of the academic support at Akamonkai, I was able to face the school's interview without being nervous.

Adachi Education Group
Shi Wen Liu

People who wish to acquire a job in Japan

I want to realize my dream of developing a supermarket business in my home country.

Maung Chit Ko Ko

I planned to use my research at graduate school to start a business in my home country, however I was hired as a full time employee by the supermarket where I worked part time, which made me start to think about expanding the business into my home country. The business conversation that I learned at Akamonkai has been really useful in dealing with customers.

Chiba University Graduate School Currently on temporary leave
Supermarket Industry Sales Management/Translation/Interpretation
Maung Chit Ko Ko

The interview roleplaying helped build my confidence.


In the business employment course, in every class, we would go over questions that were likely to be asked in employment interviews, exchange opinions and think about our own responses. This was really useful interview preparation.

General Consulting Business Related to Parking Lots  Career track
李 喩珍 (LEE YUJIN)

I was surprised that I continued to receive support even after graduating from Akamonkai.

Nguyen Minh Tuan

Even after I graduated from Akamonkai Japanese Language School and studied information engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University, I was surprised that I still continued to receive work introductions and support on interviews and resume preparation. I was really thankful.

Electrical construction / Firefighting facility construction / Electrical Communications Construction  Engineering
Nguyen Minh Tuan

I have improved so much quicker in Japanese through studying at Akamkonkai.

Nguyen Minh Tuan

My ultimate goal in coming to Japan was to find employment. However, I didn't have enough Japanese skills, so I first decided to study at a Japanese language school. When I received a job offer from a company, my JLPT level was at N2. There were times when I couldn’t properly express myself in Japanese during interviews. However, I was improving my Japanese at a much faster pace after studying at Akamonkai, and I finally received a job offer. During job hunting, my employment support adviser gave me tips on writing resumes and choosing the right company for me. It helped my job hunting process tremendously. Last but not least, I pray that you will all be able to work for the company that is appropriately suited for you. I wish you the best of luck.

Employed at an IT company
Chou Tzu Yuan

I am truly grateful for the help from teachers checking my resume for me.

Nguyen Minh Tuan

When I was job hunting, my Business Class teacher was always there to check my resume. The interview exercises through role play were done once or twice a week outside of class. It helped me to become familiar with the tensed atmosphere of the actual interviews and practice speaking techniques. Before receiving your job offer, you may often be rejected in the selection process. However, you may not be as disheartened if you acknowledge that rejection is a common occurrence for job hunting in Japan. You'll be more likely to pass the interview. Countless students went into the interviews perfectly prepared but still didn't pass the selection. That's why I think it's beneficial to take as many interviews as you possibly can, even if you aren't good at it. Time goes by very quickly, and you don't need to have it perfect from the start. Rather than spending too much time preparing, put your skills into actual practice first!

Employed at a food company
Li Jiaxin

I was able to learn a lot about the Japanese business etiquette through the classes.

Nguyen Minh Tuan

I conducted my job search intending to land a position as an aircraft or automotive engineer. I was able to secure employment at an auto parts manufacturer in Osaka. The in-depth lectures on Japanese business etiquette at Akamonkai's Business Employment Class were extremely helpful. These included practicing the use of Japanese honorifics, and using role play to learn how to make appointments and engage with a superior in an elevator. I feel I have also become more technically adept than ever at using Word and Excel thanks to the Business IT class. My employment support adviser recommended useful books for job hunting, and it was tremendously encouraging to receive so much information from them. To the students at Akamonkai who are looking to secure employment in Japan, don't become overly stressed. Failure will only add to your experience, and it will certainly help you in the future.

Employed at an Auto Parts Manufacturing
Calvin Sutrisno Kertadjaja

Business class is strongly recommended to those hoping to acquire a job in Japan.

Nguyen Minh Tuan

I wanted to work in the service industry because the Japanese service industry is well-reputed and I felt it suits my character. I was initially enrolled in the General Class, but my desire to work grew stronger so I took the Business Class exams. All of the classes in the Business Class helped me build useful job hunting skills. I felt uncomfortable simply speaking Japanese until then, but I was able to acquire these skills. The mood of the interview in Japan is different from that of Singapore. For example, the interview with the executives was held in a large room and I felt a lot of tension in the air. The interview atmosphere in Singapore is casual and affable, but Japanese interviewers seem less keen on making jokes and having light conversations. If I had gotten a job without going through the Business Class, I probably would have made a lot of mistakes during work, so the Business Class is highly recommended for those who are seeking jobs!

Employed in the Service Industry
Lau Li Min

Set your goals and run towards it!

Nguyen Minh Tuan

When I first tried to apply my knowledge of business etiquette to practical use at my new workplace to answer phone calls, exchange business cards, and serve tea, I performed what I remembered from the classes at Akamonkai, it wasn't perfect, but my senior coworker praised me and said, "That was wonderful! You are not Japanese, but you understand Japanese etiquette!" The other day, I exhibited in a tourism-related booth together with the people from the local governments of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and more at Taipei ITF (International Travel Fair). Even with my short history at the company, I was put in charge. The exhibition was a great success thanks to the many people who extended their support. I would like to continue working with many people to take on new challenges. I spend one of my weekends as an indoor day and the other one as an outdoor day. On my indoor days, I relax at home or do household chores. On my outdoor days, I spend time with my friends or visit shrines and temples to collect goshuin (seal stamps given to worshippers and visitors to shrines and temples). I take a trip somewhere in Japan once every three months to reward myself.I want to maintain a good work-life balance and live a fuller life. To all the students, my advice is to set your goals and keep moving forward!

Employed at an Advertising Company
Kuo Yu Chin

The Japanese honorific I've learned at Akamonkai has helped me a lot.

Nguyen Minh Tuan

I work at a mobile gaming company. I'm currently involved in game localization, so the grammar, kanji, and vocabulary lessons at Akamonkai have been extremely helpful. I work in a department with many foreign nationals on staff, so I'm often speaking English or simple Japanese on average. However, when I am requesting someone for their service or speaking with my boss, I remember the formal Japanese expressions I learned at Akamonkai and put them to use. I have been using Excel and Google Spreadsheets every day since I joined the company. Based on the Excel skills I acquired at Akamonkai, I was able to successfully automate a process through examining, testing, and implementing the various factors by myself. Thanks to that, I was able to prove myself as a work-ready employee not only for the position of game localization in Spanish for which I was hired, but also for other various work situations. On my days off, I like to spend my time mainly playing games at home or having fun with my friends. Sometimes, my parents or family come to Japan to visit, and we go on trips. My method of relieving stress is to be myself. If you want to remain employed at a company for a long time, you need to take a breather. Please be yourself.

Employed at a Mobile Gaming Company
Acebes Munoz Javier

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